Atlanta Kitchen Remodel Contractors - Who to Hire for My Remodel?

Professionals know many tricks and strategies that can do a lot for a home improvement job. As for kitchen remodeling projects, we always have the option of hiring architects. But many also swear by the work of remodeling contractors like Atlanta Kitchen Remodel Contractors. Both focus on understanding the needs and goals of the client. Both also promise to deliver excellent results. How do we know who can take on our remodel project in a cost-effective way?

This article aims to explain the value of each professional in a kitchen remodel project and when it is best to hire them.

Architect vs. Remodeling Contractors

Architects can provide homeowners a comprehensive kitchen design that is creative, ergonomic, energy-efficient, and creatively tailored to the client’s preferences and goals. They have extensive knowledge of design, engineering, local building codes, even construction. Their expertise regarding materials, colors, and styles guarantees high-quality results.

Contractors can be of different types - general contractors, remodeling contractors, design-build contractors, contractors with specialized licenses, or simply contractors. Basically, however, their duties involve understanding the client’s requirements, setting the budget, and solving problems during the project. Since the project you are undertaking is a kitchen remodel, we will explain what you can expect from kitchen remodeling contractors.

Generally speaking, not all contractors offer design-related services, although many are willing to take on this part of the remodeling process. Kitchen remodeling professionals, however, are dedicated to helping clients design kitchens that are reflective of the clients’ style and function efficiently for their families.

When to Hire an Architect or a Kitchen Remodeler

Knowing when to hire an architect depends a lot on the client’s willingness to be hands-on with the project and the kind of work the client wants in his space. If the client wishes to make major reconfigurations in the kitchen area, such as demolishing a wall, he should hire an architect. This is also the best solution when the client needs help with designing the new kitchen’s layout.

However, if you choose to hire an architect, you would still have a high chance of hiring builders for your project. Many architects limit their responsibility to providing consultations only after the final design has been decided on and obtained permits. Those who stay after the planning and preparation stage would help you find or select a general contractor who can work on the project.

Clients should hire a kitchen remodeling contractor if they wish their projects handled by professionals dedicated to improving a kitchen’s style, functionality, usability, and comfortability for the family. Several kitchen remodeling companies like us provide a la carte services. This means that homeowners can avail of any of our design-only, design-build, and installation services if they wish to work with their own architects or designers.

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