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What can your ideal kitchen look like? What does your dream kitchen look like? The responses are different for everybody, but there are particular features which everybody agrees are must-haves.

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Lots of storage:

The perfect kitchen has plenty of space to put away all of your cooking equipment. The ideal way to add storage should your absence square footage would be to go up. Make the most of all the ceiling height that you can by installing tall wall cabinets. If you've got a high ceiling, you may produce a stunning look with piled wall cabinets that may have a glass at the top portion perfect for displaying your treasured decorative pieces.

Get creative with custom cabinet characteristics that maximize storage. For instance, a blind corner cupboard can have several devices that make it much easier to get things. One is a"magic corner" that is a chrome cable pullout with baskets. One of the most demanded units is the"Le Mans”, which comprises two sliding cabinets of kidney-shaped. Tall pantry pull outs take advantage of a narrow area, and rollout shelves in base cabinets make accessibility easy. Do not forget customized badge accessories such as cutlery trays, knife, and spice folds. Do not neglect to offer unique shelving for this particular cookbook collection.


You, of course, will desire your perfect kitchen to possess the newest appliances. One trend, especially in the event you entertain a lot, is to get two dishwashers to create a clean-up snap. 

A professional-style range top with a built-in griddle is a feature most cooks would like to have. 

Double ovens plus a heating system are a must when cooking for a bunch. And don't forget specialization appliances such as steam ovens, built-in java systems, and extra refrigeration space like under counter refrigerated drawers, beverage facilities, or wine storage components. An additional ice maker is also useful for entertaining.

Atlanta Kitchen Remodel Contractors


Great lighting can distinguish between a great kitchen, and a"Wow" kitchen. Tons of natural light from large windows are a must. You require overall ambient lighting, special task lighting, and light for atmosphere. Be sure to include under-cabinet LED light, recessed ceiling cans for general illumination, and pendants or fittings over islands. In case you've got glass-fronted cabinets, you will want interior lighting to sparkle off crystal and china. For specific lighting, contemplate rope light over the cabinets in addition to under the toe-kick region. Dimmers on most lighting would be the ideal method to create air and specify a mood when entertaining.

One feature that most individuals would include in a dream kitchen is a massive table with seats. The table comprises many purposes. The large surface is great for food prep, it could double as a buffet for serving, and it contains lots of storage. It is perfect for creating a convivial atmosphere for chatting with family and friends and keep an eye on the kids since they do their homework.


Everyone's idea of what the perfect kitchen looks like is different, but there are a few elements that can elevate your kitchen above the norm. The cabinetry you pick is the furniture of the room and also sets your mood. Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and provides extra flair. Color is vital in producing spirit and creating the kitchen a pleasant place to work. Insert exceptional touches such as barn doors for the cabinet, open beams, marble countertops, or a special tile pattern to the floor to individualize the room.

Whether you plan to construct a new house, or redesign your current one, plan your dream kitchen to comfort, storage, performance, and beauty and make it as personal as you are. We Atlanta kitchen remodel experts are your best bet!

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