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Kitchen Remodel Atlanta 

Our team will take some damaged or obsolete space and turn it into a beautiful room you'll love. For over 14 years, we kitchen remodel Atlanta have custom-designed kitchens and bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. From cabinets and flooring into electrical, plumbing, and drywall, we'll take care of each part of the remodeling process and supply you with an excellent finished product that continues.

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Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services in Atlanta

Upgrade your kitchen with full remodels from kitchen remodel atlanta. We'll take your normal kitchen and turn it into something special that fits your requirements and preferences. 

We invest time in our kitchens daily. 

Therefore it's important to make a space you will enjoy spending time in. 

Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen's appearance or to redesign the area fully, we'll take each one of your preferences and layout requirements and integrate them into the final item.

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Flooring Installation 

A perfect kitchen needs perfect flooring design and for this we provide complete Floor Installation on your kitchen that can match the kitchen modular and accessories to provide it a ravishing look.


Kitchen Install Atlanta 

We provide complete installation of kitchen accessories, we have a variety of kitchen accessories that can match your kitchen modular making your kitchen the best in anyway 


Kitchen Design Atlanta

We understand that for a quality kitchen remodel, one person can not install, manage, and design everything. Because of that, we have a team of experts with different specialties to ensure you receive the kitchen of your dreams. 


Kitchen Paint Atlanta

Like any other room, the kitchen also needs proper painting that gives the walls the ravishing look, so we provide the best quality painting to your kitchen walls and other kitchen accessories, giving it a modern look. 


Kitchen Lighting Atlanta

Lights make everything shiner and brighter and thus to add value to the kitchen accessories we provide extra-ordinary lights that are impactful and make your kitchen look more beautiful.


Kitchen Supply Atlanta

We source all materials, accessories, and appliances from reputable merchants who share similar beliefs in quality, transparency, and top notch customer service. 

Customize Your Whole Kitchen

Add new appliances to your kitchen to create your cooking experience much enjoyably. There's no detail too small for our team to manage and integrate into your kitchen remodeling job from the lighting to the floor. Remodeling is also the perfect time to update appliances to more efficient versions, helping you save your money on power costs. After we're finished, you will have a perfectly tailored kitchen to your requirements with custom-made cabinets and new and efficient appliances. Our experienced team will guarantee that everything fits perfectly and looks great in your recently remodeled kitchen space.

Replace damaged or tired countertops to offer new life into your kitchen space. We'll help you select high-quality substances that appear great for your kitchen remodel. We at Atlanta kitchen remodel, work with the region's top providers to ensure you get the absolute most out of your new kitchen. New, high-efficiency stoves, fridges, along with other appliances, use far less energy than older versions and will help save you money while enhancing your kitchen encounter.

Customize every part of your kitchen if you hire Atlanta kitchen remodel for your kitchen renovation. With a kitchen remodel, you can adjust countertop and cabinet layouts, update lighting, and ensure everything is exactly as you need it.

Pick out the perfect flooring and paint color in your kitchen with the support of our design group. Whether you want to tile, wood, or vinyl, remodeling your kitchen is the perfect time to pick out the flooring you've always desired.

At kitchen remodel atlanta , client satisfaction is the top priority. Whether it is a simple countertop replacement or a comprehensive renovation, we will supply you exactly the services you want to make your dream home. We appreciate clear communication and effectively perform through each step of the remodeling project. Whether you bought a house or you've lived there for decades, it is never too late to begin your home remodel. We'll supply you with a free, comprehensive estimate of what is involved in the project. Contact our staff today to kick your toilet or kitchen renovation.

Clients Feedback

Marie R.

" I am in love with my kitchen now! Kitchen Remodel Atlanta has completely changed the view of my kitchen, I would suggest everyone that you are looking forward to giving your kitchen the best look, get Kitchen Remodel Atlanta they are

best in their services. "

Martha C.

" "Kitchen Remodel Atlanta provides excellent jobs and right on time, recommended to everyone, they are easy dealing and best to have

your kitchen remodeled.!"

Stepahanie M.

" Kitchen Remodel Atlanta took great understanding of my kitchen needs and provided me the best kitchen remodeling in every way, they are professionals having experience and knowledge to provide you the

best services. "


Why Choose us


Our experts will be with you every step of the design phase whether to advise or offer affordable price and

AFFORDABLE kitchen remodeling

We provide kitchen remodeling services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges 


We provide effective services as we value your time, we focus to provide you the best work within the time frame discussed. 


We have a professional team that works to provide you the best services, each of our employees is highly skilled having proper license and certification to perform their services.  


If you need any kind of assistance or facing any of the issues with the kitchen accessories you can consult at any time as we are available 24/7 to serve you with the best.


We value your thoughts and we design customized kitchen models understanding your needs and desires for the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear. The average cost of a kitchen remodel with custom fittings and cabinets is approximately $18,000 - $25,000. Keep in mind, the price tag is dependant on the size of the renovation, and personalizations. Schedule a consultation today with one of our design experts at Kitchen Remodel Atlanta for a personalized and accurate estimate.

Many of our clients ask, “how long does a kitchen remodel take?” A Atlanta kitchen renovation can span anywhere between 2.5-5 months. This time frame is dependant on the kitchen’s size, structural changes, or any other significant reconfigurations needed.

How long does it take to replace kitchen cabinets? Well, on average, a Atlanta kitchen cabinet replacement will take between 2-3 days for a basic whole-unit replacement. If plumbing or electrical reconfigurations are required to work around new cabinet changes, expect to add an additional 1-2 weeks to that estimate.

How much does a Atlanta kitchen remodel add to my home’s value? On average, for every 100 dollars spent on a Atlanta kitchen upgrade, you add 83 dollars to your home’s value. But this is just an average. Whether you need a full-service kitchen remodel or just a change in backsplash- contact Kitchen Remodel Atlanta today for a personalized quote.

“Where do I start with a kitchen remodel?” is a common question we hear from our clients. Before you begin, figure out a goal. Do you want to renovate to increase your home’s value, or do you want to remodel to achieve the kitchen of your dreams? Next, get in touch with our team of designers at Kitchen Remodel Atlanta to begin your kitchen remodel today!

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